A Little Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Kerry, owner of KomuniK8 Handmade, a one-woman business run from my Hong Kong studio, where I design and craft unique artisan jewellery and textiles. 

The name KomuniK8 comes from a play on words.  My middle name is Kate, a name passed down through my maternal family line for many generations.  The name also reflects my ideal,  that something special is communicated through my creations.

This is why many of my customers choose my pieces as gifts.  My cushions make perfect wedding gifts, while my jewellery allows people to carry wishes of luck, love, or friendship with them.

My Inspiration, Creations & Craftsmanship

As you have probably guessed I draw a lot of inspiration from sentimental motifs, the symbolism of nature, and in particular the Language of Flowers and Kimono Art.

After a trip to Japan, I felt a strong need to repurpose the piles of unworn Kimonos and Obis I saw in second-hand stores. These fabrics, that involve so much time, skill, and dedication to create, are often left unloved due to small spots of damage, being unfashionable, or simply not being new. I carefully select sections to suit my designs to create something new, in a way I hope preserves and honours their heritage. This way, they can be loved again, while also contributing to a more sustainable planet.

My jewellery comes from a desire to create pieces high quality pieces with a unique edge, away from mass produced fashion jewellery.  I use recycled sterling silver and ethically sourced gems. Pieces are designed to be treasured, to be worn and to last.  I do most things in-house, so everything from designing, soldering, setting and polishing is all done by me in my studio.

My Journey into Crafting

I've always been a creative person. My love affair with sewing began with my Mum, a highly skilled seamstress herself, who taught me from a very early age.  My parents gifted me my first sewing machine at the tender age of 8, and soon I was making clothes for myself and my dolls. Sewing is my happy place, a second nature to me.

My journey into jewellery started with playful beadwork, making gifts for friends. At 19, I delved into silversmithing, working as a bench jeweller and learning the trade in a family run jewellery shop. My career took me to a high-end jeweller in Chelsea, London.  Then going on to work at a trade counter in Hatton Garden selling loose gems. It was there I was given the opportunity to study, and I gained my FGA Diploma in Gemmology from Gem-A.

My Values

  • Fair pricing - My prices are honest, reflecting the handcrafted, unique nature of my work. I don’t price to discount or run sales gimmicks.
  • Genuine & Transparent - I’m honest about the materials I use and goods I produce.
  • Earth Friendly – I’m committed to doing the best I can for the Planet, so will choose the most sustainable options available to me. No Greenwashing here.
  • High Quality – Sustainability doesn’t mean a compromise on quality. I make items using the finest materials, maintaining a luxury feel.
  • Made to Last – A timeless style and the best materials means I create designs that will last. Because I make everything myself I know it is made the highest standard and tight quality control.  With the right care (see my guides) you will enjoy them for many years.


Thank you for supporting KomuniK8 Handmade!