Recycled Silver

What is Recycled Silver and Why do I use it?

Why do I use it?

Mining silver has a huge impact on the Environment. It causes erosion, contaminates water and soil as well as it contributing to the formation of sinkholes and loss of biodiversity.

Carbons emissions from sourcing and processing recycled silver are around a third of those of mined silver.

So what is it?

Recycled silver is produced from unwanted jewellery, silver ware, and reclaimed from electronics and medical equipment.

Silver is a noble, non-ferrous metal meaning it can be re-refined and recycled time after time without it having any effect on the purity or physical properties.

This means that there is no difference between re-cycled silver and new mined silver other than it's impact on the environment.

Is it Hygienic?

Totally! When silver is refined it’s heated to around 800°C so it becomes liquid.  It is then poured into ingots and manufactured into sheet, wire and tubing.

Is it Real Sterling silver?

Yes absolutely. When the silver is reclaimed and refined the process separates it from any residual metals that might be present. It’s then alloyed into .925 sterling silver purity in the same way newly mined silver is. Part of the recycling process will use elemental analysis to determine its purity and to check that it is free of anything harmful.  Different purities of silver are available, pure silver is marked .999, sterling is .925 meaning it's 925 parts out of 100 pure silver, or 92.5% silver.  It is then alloyed with other metals such as copper to make it more suitable for jewellery purposes. 

Does it have anything nasty in it?

Another priority for me is to ensure that the silver I use is free from lead, cadmium and nickel, all in line with EU regulations.  These are the three main metals added to cheaper silver alloys, the type found on auction sites (I think you know the ones I mean).  They are known to cause allergic reactions or are carcinogenic and are often found in cheaper silver looking items that are of unknown purity.  

I only purchase my silver from trusted reliable sources. Usually, UK based companies since I know I can fully trust the purity of the metal due to the strict laws.

I proudly have most of my Jewellery Hallmarked at the London Assay Office in the UK.  I do this to show a guarantee of the metal purity and quality.  The regulations are very strict and all parts of a jewellery item are tested.  Silver  can be stamped 925 by anyone and it is not regarded as a hallmark.  Some silver looking jewellery can be stamped 925 to deceive customers but it is often plated or contains little or no silver.



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