Jewellery Care Guide

  • Avoid wearing jewellery whilst playing sports, bathing, swimming or when doing housework or gardening.  Sweat, toiletries, saltwater and chlorinated water, as well as cleaning products will accelerate tarnish and potentially damage the silver and any stones.
  • Remove jewellery before sleeping to avoid misshaping or excessive scratching or hair tangles.
  • Gently wipe your jewellery when you take it off and before storing.  Using a soft cloth (like the one provided) remove any body oils or city pollution, which will cause tarnish.  Place the piece back the box, which is sent with a special paper insert (the little black square) which helps prevent tarnish.
  • Do up the clasp on chains to prevent knots and tangles.
  • If tarnish does occur the cloth provided will help remove it.  The cloth has been treated with a solution that will clean and prevent tarnish. Otherwise a very soft toothbrush and cool water can help remove any grime.  Thoroughly pat dry after to remove moisture.  I do not recommend using silver dips, toothpaste or any other cleaning solutions as they may cause damage to the metal and any gemstones.
  • Please note this is a guide only and I am not responsible for any damage that occurs from cleaning your jewellery.