Kapok & Tencel Cushion Fillers

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These cushion inserts have been designed and made in-house using carefully chosen eco-friendly materials. They have a tencel outer shell and are filled with kapok, with a concealed zip closure.

  • Luxury feel without harming the planet or animals.
  • Soft, Bouncy & Breathable.
  • Plant based, Cruelty free and Biodegradable.
  • Less CO2 emissions compared to similar products.
  • Raw materials contribute to better air and soil quality.

Choose a size that is 2cm or 1" bigger than your cover for an edge to edge fill.

Kapok is a sustainable and cruelty free alternative to the traditional feather or polyester cushion fillings commonly found in stores*.  It combines the best qualities of both, soft and breathable like down and bouncy like polyester. It is also extremely light weight with natural anti-moth, anti-mite and anti-bacterial properties. The silky-soft fibre is plant based, harvested from the seed pods of the Kapok tree. It is extremely planet friendly since the trees thrive on non-agricultural land and without the need for pesticides, fertiliser or irrigation.

Tencel is also a plant-based fabric. Made of wood from certified and traceable sources. It is usually Eucalyptus which grows quickly on non-agricultural land and without the need of pesticides, fertiliser or irrigation. The production process uses non-acidic, non-toxic chemicals in a ‘closed-loop’ system, meaning it recycles everything back into the system. Compared to the production of other natural fibres such as cotton or linen, Tencel production is less labour intensive and uses a lot less water and energy, cutting on CO2 emissions

*Sadly, most feather and down comes from birds that are plucked live, it is not a by-product of poultry farming. There is a RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certification, however feathers can and often are mixed with non-certified.  Source PETA  & Just In Style

*Polyester filling is a petroleum-based fibre and although sold as recyclable, most recycling centres won’t take end of life cushions for hygiene reasons, leaving it for landfill.